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Events and Dates 2019

Programme of meetings and speakers & events 2019

January 2nd: AGM and Members sale of equipment and birds

February 6th: Bird v Bird competition

March 6th: Dave Haydn talk on reptiles

April 3rd: Glenda Law talk on wildlife of Botswana

May 1st: Open forum on bird room problems & World Show

June 5th: Jim Walker talk on wildlife photography

July 3rd: Clive Jones talk on Taxidermy

August 7th: Geoff White talk on Lizard & Irish Canaries

September 4th: Members show

October 2nd: Brian Bailey & Terry Sayers talk on sick birds & show preparation.

November 6th: Annual show preparation & general forum

November 10th: Annual show

November 15th: Annual dinner

December 4th: Christmas social


Bird Seed at discount prices!
  • At every meeting there is a selection of bird seeds available to club members at discounted prices.

  • Seeds available include British, Foreign, Canary, Budgie, straights and egg food as well as many more!

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